Teams of all sizes trust the Robin API for building in-app messaging without the headache of implementing complex features at scale.

Welcome to The Robin Developer Documentation. You will learn how Robin is powering interactions across various use cases regardless of what you are building. This documentation would also give direction on how to build in-app live chat experiences easily using the Robin API and SDKs.

Explore our documentation to integrate Robin easily into your apps.

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Send messages instantly in your application with the help of Robin’s API. Robin also provides SDKs and UI Kits that you can quickly plug into your Web and Mobile applications.


Use Robin to deliver your product's announcements, billing, workflow, and other notifications. 100% customizable to suit your tech infrastructure.

Activity Feeds

Robin helps you rapidly build and deploy scalable Activity feeds using machine learning to optimize the customer experience in your feeds.

Real-time Collaboration

Unlock a new way of getting things done. Build real-time collaboration into your product and tackle any possible use case with Robin APIs.

Looking for API Reference?

If you want to take another approach to using Robin within your application without the help of the SDKs, you can integrate the Robin API directly into your application. Robin provides you with various APIs you can utilize. For more information about them, please visit the API Reference

Robin Use Cases

See What Users are Building with Robin

We put together a list of cool stuff built by the Robin community — they are using Robin to power interactions on their application. Check them out in Samples and Resources

Robin Language/Framework Support

Robin was built with developers in mind, allowing support on a variety of languages and frameworks which you can use. The Robin team understands builders gotta do what they gotta do, and that is to build! For that reason, we offer a variety of support using Robin with different tooling.

These are the libraries built and managed by the Robin team:

  • Robin Javascript

  • Robin Go

  • Robin Python

  • Robin Vue

  • Robin React

  • Robin Flutter

More coming soon. 🤫

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